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It is alarming and quite unsettling how quickly the coronavirus has spread. It has rapidly made its way over continents and countries, into cities and homes. Even with the most aggressive social restrictions and random testing, it still trudges along and affects our lives.  

The bible says that there is an even greater, more dangerous pandemic than COVID-19.  The pandemic is sin. I have heard reporters and journalists warn that global pandemics are among the greatest threats facing humanity, but the Bible speaks of something even greater. Romans 3:23 states that all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. Prayerfully this coronavirus will pass and many will remain untouched. But the pandemic of sin has touched and has radically infected us all. Romans 6:23 says that he penalty for sin is death. This is bad news. 

Medical researchers are developing new treatments to fight this virus. Scientists are also working to design a vaccine. But in my limited medical knowledge, there is still no cure. The pandemic of sin is even more destructive than COVID-19, but there is a known cure. The cure is found in Jesus Christ. God sent Jesus to live the perfect life, to suffer the eternal punishment that we deserve, and to be resurrected from the dead. And if you repent of your sin and trust in Him for the forgiveness of sin, you will be forgiven, cured, and have eternal life with God.  

Sin is the ultimate pandemic. There is no measure of social distancing or self-quarantine, no government solution or scientific vaccine that can cure or contain the pandemic of human sin. It is only faith in Jesus Christ that can cure you from sin and bring new life, eternal life. Praise God that he looked upon our helpless state and to this sin infected world with mercy and love and provided a loving cure, so that we will not perish from this disease of sin but have eternal life (John 3:16).


Pastor Daryl