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Our Japan Team leaves Wednesday, June 5 from LAX at 2:00pm, 


JAL Flight 69. If you would like to see the team off, please arrive at 11am. 

The team will be blogging during their trip. Please check the LINK daily for updates.

They will be in Kobe, Japan from June 5-June 17, 2019. A PRAYER GUIDE is available for you if you would like to pray for them.



If you would like to help financially support the Wildfires in Paradise, California  click here. If you are interested in praying for the wildfire victims and/or assisting in the rebuilding of Paradise, California please fill out this form.

Haiti: We have had the privilege of partnering with a Haitian-based organization called El Shaddai Ministries International (ESMI), whose holistic approach to serving the Haitian people is based upon their 4 “E’s” of ministry. 

Evangelism meeting the spiritual needs of the people

Empathy:  meeting the physical needs of the people

Economic:  empowerment to be self-sustaining

Educationequipping for church and civic leadership

On Tuesday March 19, 2019 A decision was made to cancel the Outreach trip to Gonaives, Haiti.  The U.S. State Department has continued with the Level 4 Travel Warning due to recent civil unrest and protests against  current President Moise. On Monday March 18, the Prime Minister of Haiti was ousted with a no confidence vote by Parliament, which likely could lead to greater political instability of the Haitian government and potentially more demonstrations and perhaps violence.

Your contribution to the Haiti Outreach effort is both needed by the orphans in Gonaives and greatly appreciated by the members of the Lifesong Haiti team.  The prayers for the team were invaluable as the Lord knitted us together as a team and continues to grow our missional hearts.

Although the Lifesong Team will not be going into Haiti this time around, your generous contribution will still benefit the people of Haiti as donations will be gifted to El Shaddai Ministries International in Haiti.  As an example, money that would have been used to pay for a place to sleep for our 10-person Haiti team for one week, may now be used to purchase mattresses to place on the metal bunks of 100 Gonaives orphans.

As long as  the political structure remains unstable and civil unrest continues, future outreach teams may withdraw or not return, and as for financial support for Haitian churches and organizations “Out of sight, Out of mind!” as the saying goes.

We appeal to you to keep Haiti in your prayers, and continue to support El Shaddai Ministries International, our ministry partner, by going to their website