While all churches are called to make disciples of all nations, God typically calls each church to specific areas and people to minister to. At Lifesong, there are a minimum of 4 P's that help determine where we focus our missional efforts.

  • Prayer: All mission must be born out of prayer. Seeking the Spirit's guidance and calling is always the first step.

  • People: There must be a people, not just one person who has a passion for a particular area or need in order for it to become a churchwide mission.

  • Purpose: The ministry must help fulfill the church's overall mission and vision.

  • Partnership: There must be a like-minded, partnering agency to join with unless we are specifically called to break new ground in a new area.

Currently, we work in partnerhip with like-minded missions organizations in Haiti, Japan and the EFCA. If you would like to get involve in current or future missional ministries, email here.