Sunday School: 9:00AM

Service: 10:30AM

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MISSION (our God-given purpose)
"To connect people to the Father through Christ, that together we might grow and be a blessing to the nations."

The overall purpose of Lifesong Church is to bring glory to God.  The more specific way in which we do this is through the fulfillment of Christ's Great Commission to make fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ (Matt. 28:18-20).  Disciple-making happens best in the context of a vibrant community of faith and involves three things:  (1) seeking out those who have yet to believe (2) leading people to identify with Christ and His community and (3) teaching new disciples to obey Christ and His commands.  We want our entire church to be motivated and evaluated by this missional purpose.

VISION (our God-given picture of the future)
"A multi-generational, missional community of faith, hope & love"

By God’s grace, we will be…

A missionary community that shares the gospel of Jesus Christ with thousands of unbelieving people in the Chino Valley.  We will reproduce new disciples, multiply new leaders and plant new churches that seek the lost and strive for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

A missionary community that lives by faith and lives out their faith.  The life of the church will not be confined to Sunday mornings but will be will be lived out daily and boldly in our homes, our schools, our places of employment and local communities.  As we live out God’s mission, our life together will testify to Christ in all that that we say, in all that we do and in all of who we are.

A missionary community that grows in God’s love.  We will experience and express our love for God and for others primarily in small group communities that reflect God’s Kingdom.  Every group will provide an environment that stimulates seeds of faith, instills Christ-like maturity and fosters genuine relationships of support and accountability. 

A missionary community that embodies hope.  We will be a beacon of hope in our local communities by offering tangible acts of grace and compassion to those who are “the least of these.”  We will serve the physical, relational and spiritual needs of the hurting, the lost and the disenfranchised.

A missionary community that will be led by the Spirit and governed by the Word. We will depend on the lead and empowerment of the Holy Spirit for the creation and multiplication of God’s church. We will equip and unleash Spirit-led servants of the Lord who will lead our ministries and impact our communities in bold and courageous ways. We will be a community that is immersed in the truth of God’s Word. We will teach, study, and apply the Scriptures for the building up of God’s people.